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2 bit alu in verilog

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Code Review Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for peer programmer code reviews. It only takes a minute to sign up. From a design perspective I see one issue in LogicUnit. Out is an inferred latch because it is not assigned in all conditions of Op. The risks associated with these latches and how to use them property when needed have already been discussed on other Stack Exchange sites; such as here on Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange and here on Stack Overflow.

Synthesis considers all possibilities. It is safer to give it an explicit assignment and allow the synthesizer to choose how to optimize. In your situation a latch should not be inferred.

The easiest way to resolve this is to ass a default statement:. This has to do with coding style recommendations and suggestions that I will cover next. Non-blocking assignments should be used for flops edge-sensitive or latches level-sensitive.

Blocking and non-blocking update the LHS at different regions in the scheduler. Blocking is immediate evaluation and assignment. Non-blocking is immediate evaluation with postponed assignment. Non-blocking was introduced to resolve a race condition when evaluating and assigning synchronous logic. Using non-blocking inappropriately, such as using it everywhere, can introduce another form of race conditions.

It is recommended to keep blocking and non-blocking assignments in separate always blocks. There are technically legal ways to safely mix them, but most avoid it all together.

FYI, by using blocking assignment you could merge the always blocks that assign Out and Zero. It does not look for signals used inside the body of tasks or functions signals in the port list are fine used with in the always block. By allowing verilog to manage the sencitity list for you, it reduces the risk of forgetting a signal behavior vs synthesis mismatchhaving unnecessary signals possible simulation overheadand typos compiling errors or will use the wrong signal.

You are using connect by order which is okay for small modules with simple connectivity and whose port list isn't under constant editing.

If you use connect by name, the port connections are explicit and it will not matter if the port order is re-arranged. It also helps any human readers of your code understand how the ports are intended to connect. I have heard of one case where some tools do not support non-ANSI header with one-line output reg.

I have know idea how prevalent this issue is as most new code is written with the ANSI header style. ANSI header style is currently the most popular because it is the simplest and cleanest way of managing ports.

2 bit alu in verilog

It becomes more useful as the port list grows and when it is edited often. You don't need to change your code if you do want to. Be aware if you ever run into an issue with another simulator, synthesizes, or other tool that takes in Verilog.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

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I write this coder for an ALU. This ALU controlled with ctrl signals and do some works like add, subtract, and, or, When output is zero, oZero signals should be active. In addition to that:. Latch logic designs are prone to timing issues and need to be used with caution. Most FPGAs have a limited number of latches and some have some.

A coding style change can remove the infered latch and there are two main ways to do so. Assign the outputs in every condition. Make sure a default condition is declared in an case-statement:. Assign the values to a default value before the case-statement.

The case-statement will override the default values. It can only be assigned to 1, there is no path to 0. You can:. ANSI style header. In verilog, there is nothing wrong.

2 bit alu in verilog

You may need to pipeline the operations in separate modules. FPGA may have a predefined module, so check the data sheet. To fix that you can use e. Second problem is that you forgot to use endcase keyword at the end of your case construct. Check edaplayground to see those changes applied to your code.

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Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. This is my first time programming in verilog hdl and I am having trouble figuring out what is wrong with my code. I need to design a simple ALU in behavioral code. So far I have created a subtractor and adder module.

I need to add more modules but I would like to get these working in the ALU module before I add the others. I have the following modules in seperate. My syntax may be wrong, but it is showing errors.

I am just very unfamiliar with verilog. I feel how I first felt with learning C. Help would be much appreciated. I know it is calling the modules correctly but I think it is something to do with the if statements. The main problem is that you want to call module. Modules are not functions or tasks you cannot call them.

Verilog code for Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

What you can and should do with module is instantiate it in another module in this case ALU module. Modules cannot be instantiated inside procedural blocks e.

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Both adder and subtractor will produce new result on every change of it's inputs so you only need to properly drive input's of this modules and the read its outputs. And one more thing, your module has parameters which defines size of it inputs and outputs but it's name suggest that it is fixed to three which can be confusing.

You cant instantiate a module inside an always block in verilog. Instead you can change the modules adder3bit and substract3bit into tasks and you can use the code as you have written now. Learn more. Asked 4 years ago. Active 4 years ago. Viewed 2k times. Thank you I hope to learn something new! Darklink Darklink 11 11 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. N SIZE adder.

N SIZE subtractor. Kamil Rymarz Kamil Rymarz 3 3 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges.I guess you did not "Zoom Fit" to see the whole simulation waveform.

Can they go into real FPGA. Is there a program design in 2 bit calculator with operation addition,subtraction, and multiplication? Simulation waveform for the ALU:. What is an FPGA? Verilog code for FIFO memory 3. Verilog code for bit single-cycle MIPS processor 4. Verilog code for basic logic components in digital circuits 6. Verilog code for bit Unsigned Divider 7. Verilog code for Fixed-Point Matrix Multiplication 8. Verilog code for Carry-Look-Ahead Multiplier Verilog code for a Microcontroller Verilog code for 4x4 Multiplier Verilog code for Car Parking System Verilog code for Traffic Light Controller Verilog code for comparator design Verilog code for D Flip Flop Verilog code for Full Adder Verilog code for counter with testbench Verilog code for button debouncing on FPGA Unknown March 24, at PM.

Wampipty April 29, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Verilog code for D Flip Flop. D Flip-Flop is a fundamental component in digital logic circuits. Verilog code for D Flip Flop is presented in this project.

There are t Today, f A display controller will be This FPGA project is aimed to show in details how to process an image using Verilog from reading an input bitmap image. Verilog code for counter with testbench. In this project, Verilog code for counters with testbench will be presented including up counter, down counter, up-down counter, and r It normally executes logic and arithmetic op This Verilog project provides full Verilog code for the Clock Divider on Verilog code for a comparator.

In this project, a simple 2-bit comparator is designed and implemented in Verilog HDL. Truth table, K-Map and minimized equations for Verilog code for D Flip Flop here. There are several types of D Flip Flops suchThis means that 19 of the 27 winners since 1990 had previously recorded a top-10 finish. More recently, six of the last 10 winners had previously had a top-eight finish, while superstars McIlroy and Spieth won on just their third attempt, but had already come 10th and 17th respectively.

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2 bit alu in verilog

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Lecture 2 Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) and its Verilog Design

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